Craiginches Community Garden Clock

November 9, 2018 News, Public

HM Prison, Craiginches, Aberdeen is a historic site for a number of reasons and that history has not been forgotten in its recent development. As part of the development, James Ritchie & Son clockmakers were approached to prepare the original prison clock dial, so it could be apart of the community garden at the Scottish site.

The former prison was the place where Henry John Burnett was hung in 1963, which happened to be the last hanging in Scotland. Following this, the prison faced many problems including over crowding and was closed for good in 2014 as the new HM Prison Grampian was opened in the area.

Following much deliberation within the community of what the Aberdeen site should be used for, it was decided that it should be housing to be made available to local teachers, medical staff and other key workers for mid-market rent. Along with the housing development, a small community garden was incorporated into the project, which is where the original prison wall and clock are located.

Clockmaker Ian fabricating the clock drum and the original dial in the new drum.

James Ritchie & Son, part of the Smith of Derby Group, were tasked to fabricate a clock drum for the original dial to fit in. This was then secured to the small wall in the garden, which is made from the original stone of the building. Along with this the team added a T200 clock mechanism and H101 hands but the dial was left in its original condition. The clock now sits proudly in the community garden for both residents and guests to see, but also recognises the history of the site and all that has happened before it.

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