Roman Convex Dial

This is a traditional style clock dial with integral raised numerals, minute markers and outer ring and interchangeable hand designs. It’s available in 4 standard colours and where gilding is applicable, we recommend 23.5 carat gold leaf.

Clock Cases

These are housings for wall-mounting dials or can be used for a 2 dial back-to-back for installation on a free-standing or projecting wall bracket. Our clock cases are suitable for interior or exterior locations.

Inscribed Dials

A range of inscribed dial templates are available in opal acrylic for backlighting, if required.

Customised clock dial design

We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke clock dials, either commissioned by our design team or as a collaboration with our clients.

Using any clock dial template, we can customise it to create a bespoke dial design integral to your scheme.

Roman Skeleton Dials, sometimes referred to as Open Dials

Our traditional clock dial design backed with translucent opal acrylic with interchangeable hand designs. This includes an optional opaque white GRP backing, or no backing to reveal the wall finish as well as a centre star option for dials over 1.072mm diameter.


Our hand templates are all designed to be externally balanced with a weight concealed behind the short extension beyond the centre. This ensures reliable operation of the clock movement.

We strengthen the hands with a centre rib and use a boss with two screws for securing to the hour or minute drive shaft.

Hands are manufactured from aluminium and anodised for maximum corrosion resistance using a nickel plated brass boss.

Our hands have a paint finish and are gilded, where applicable, using 23 ½ carat double thickness gold leaf.