Electro-magnetic hammers

Electro-mechanical hammers can be activated by a micro-switch fitted to a clock movement or via our Smith of Derby programmable control system.
Internal electro-magnetic hammers have an action similar to an internal bell clapper and are used where a bell is fixed in position. Internal bell hammers are ideally suited to use in an outdoor location as the bell partially conceals the hammer unit, acting as a protective cover.
External hammers have an action similar to a traditional mechanically linked hammer. They are ideally suited for use on both static and swinging bells, whether the latter be either partial or complete rotation.

Bell Safety and Clock Silencing

Manual Pull-Off

This is the simplest form of clock strike/chime silencing and comprises a pull ring and linkage which is attached to the clock hammer connecting wires. Pulling the ring and locking it with the pin ensures that the clock hammers are kept clear of the bells during any clock strike or chime sequence, enabling safe bell practice and change ringing.

Clock Strike / Chime Automatic Night Silencing for mechanical clocks

An electrical actuator (APO series) is installed with linkage to the clock mechanism hammer levers. The system is controlled by a programmable timer. According to the programme, the clock hammers at the bells will be pulled clear to effectively silence the clock strike/ clock chime.
These systems have a fully programmable controller which includes night silencing for the clock strike and chime.