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Harnessing Solar in Jamaica

November 27, 2023 Uncategorized

Team Complete Restoration Work on Mandeville Parish Church Clock in Jamaica October 2023 – Mandeville Parish Church, Jamaica Our Smith of Derby team have successfully completed the restoration of the clock and dial at Mandeville Parish Church in Jamaica. Roydell Williams, Treasurer at Mandeville Parish Church, expressed his gratitude for the restoration work, saying, “The clock is working perfectly. We wish to thank Smith of Derby for the excellent restoration work done on the clock and to you Martin, Julie, Johnny, Ben, Joe, and the rest of the technical team for the professional manner in which the project was handled.”…

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Restoration of Copper Dials at St Mark’s Church, Fairfield

November 20, 2023 Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the restoration project for the copper dial at St. Mark’s Church in Fairfield. Steering the refurbishment with a keen eye has been our Complex Projects Manager Martin Butchers.   Embarking on this journey, a careful examination revealed the copper dial’s gentle dislodgment by the wind. The original attachment, featuring traditional wooden plugs and slotted screws, had weathered over the years, leading to instability. The restoration unfolded as a process, bringing the dial back to its original black colour, adorned with gold leaf detailing and hands. Our team were able replaced the previous clock…

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Bringing Joy to Bradford on Avon’s Christ Church Community

November 15, 2023 Uncategorized

Introduction: In a celebration of heritage and community, residents of Bradford on Avon are enjoying the return of their clock to Christ Church, following an extensive £16,000 repair and restoration endeavor. The clock’s newly regilded hands and dial, perched atop the Grade II listed Christ Church spire, were reinstalled in October, marking a significant milestone 160 years after their initial installation. A Special Two-Day Celebration: The restoration of the Christ Church clock was celebrated with a special two-day event that drew in over a hundred enthusiastic visitors. Among those in attendance were three classes from the nearby Christ Church Primary…

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140 Year Old Town Hall Clock Starts It Restoration Journey

November 7, 2023 Uncategorized

An iconic clock that has stood out on the Dover skyline for 140 years is to be restored as part of the £10.5 million reawakening of the Maison Dieu (Dover Town Hall). The clock was carefully removed from the building today (6 November 2023) for the first time since 1902 and is being transported to our Derby Clockworks.  The restoration will see the clock repaired to full working order, including restoring the lighting so that the clock can be seen day and night for generations to come. The Maison Dieu tower clock was made in 1883 by E Dent &…

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The Eastgate Clock – A Joyce of Whitchurch Classic

November 1, 2023 Uncategorized

The Eastgate Clock stands as a turret clock positioned above the Eastgate within the historic walls of Chester. With our Clockmakers completing the annual service of the clock last month, we thought we’d share some of this incredible clock’s history: While the initial gate was of Roman origin, the current structure, constructed during the Georgian era, was designed to accommodate coaches. The clock was not incorporated until the Victorian period, commemorating Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. The Eastgate Clock has served as a significant entrance to the city of Chester since Roman times, functioning as the eastern gateway to the fortress. It…

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