Apprentice Restoration of 17th Century Clock

April 8, 2024 Uncategorized

Our team of apprentice clockmakers have been guided by Turret Clock expert Andy Burdon through the various stages of restoration, taking on centuries-old clockmaking knowledge and techniques.

They’ve learned the intricacies of repairing delicate mechanisms, from the Frame to the Wheel Arbor, the Winding Handle and the Double Three-Legged Gravity Escapement.

Video: Here Andy Burdon gives an overview of the work carried out by the apprentice team under his guidance on the St Peter’s Church Clock, Bishops Waltham.


Working on the clock with Andy Burdon, apprentices: Mitch Eaton Brandon Litchfield Ethan Burnett This unique project is a testament to the power of skilled craftsmanship and the importance of passing down knowledge from generation to generation. ⁠ ⁠And the journey doesn’t end here!  We’re proud that the restoration has earned recognition from the Church of England, and the clock has been featured in their annual funding report.⁠


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