St Peters Church Clock in the Isle of Man

August 29, 2019 Uncategorized

Originally built in 1550, St Peter’s Church in Peel, Isle of Man, is steeped in history. Unfortunately, over the years of the Church standing the condition of the clock dials have deteriorated, meaning that they were in need of replacement. Smith of Derby clockmakers worked closely with Peel Town Council to ensure that this work was completed bringing the clock tower back to life.

 The Church has had an eventful history, with a large fire ruining large parts of the Church in 1958. However, the clocktower and outer walls continue to stand to this day.

Four new 1.1m skeleton clock dials were fabricated, from aluminium with acrylic glazing, in our Derby works before a black paint finish was applied. The hands were laser cut from high-grade aluminium with a black paint finish, supported by Smith of Derby T200 movements and an auto restart unit.

Following this the new clock dials and hands, along with the movements and auto restart unit, made the short journey across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man where they were installed by the team.

Two of the four dials which were installed on the tower.

The new dials made an instant impact on the local community, with one local resident writing to us to say “it was lovely to meet the skilled men who were able to fit working clocks to the tower at the top of our street”.


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