Smith of Derby and GDPR

April 3, 2018 Data, News, Public, Security, Time

Without our database, we would be unable to fulfil any of our customers’ needs. Every clock assignment, whether new build or restoration, is a unique project specific to a client and also specific to a location. We also serve over 4,000 UK clients every year on maintenance contracts, again by visiting a specific clock site. Close liaison with at least one person for every clock we deal with is therefore central to our operations.

Our database holds 2 kinds of information: the clock itself and its location and access information – that is the physical or mechanical details. The other information is about our client – their organisation and the contact details of any individuals whom we have legitimate need to contact in connection with the clock.

It is this “personal data” which we will handle slightly differently when the new General Data Protection Regulation takes effect on 25th May 2018. The legitimate interest clause written into the new regulations allow us to do business with our clients within the originally agreed terms, but we must request permission if we want to offer other products or services. And when, for instance, a site contact individual hands over responsibility of the clock to another person, we must establish permission from that other person before we can hold their contact data.

Some things won’t need to change. The security of our database complies fully with the new requirements. Nor do we ever pass personal data to any third party. The information we hold has always been, and always will be, specific to the individual clock location, and used solely for that purpose.

Smith of Derby have always used data responsibly and for its specific purpose. The introduction of GDPR places an awareness of this throughout our company. For the lead up to 25 May everyone has undergone training which has covered our handling of our employees data and, most importantly, the responsibilities on us all in handling our clients’ data. For further information please see our PRIVACY NOTICE and if you have any questions please contact us via our contacts page.

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