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January 8, 2019 News

Along with work in the UK, Smith of Derby has completed many projects across the world, something which we’re very proud of. Whilst international focus is currently on the Middle East, work has taken place previously in Australia, Africa, America and many other global locations.

As part of the widespread work across the world, Smith of Derby fabricated a flatbed clock for the city of Vernon, Canada. The clock was located in the city’s Post Office and was complimented by four glazed dials, situated at the top of the clock tower. This became a real focal point of the city, not just visually but practically, as it offered a means of telling the time for many of the locals as few even had watches when originally installed in 1913. Along with the clock a large bell, roughly 800lb’s, was at the Post Office. This would chime regularly and reportedly could be heard for many miles, giving another way of time telling for locals.

Unfortunately, in 1956 the Post Office was demolished, and the clock had to be taken down. However, this was not the end for the clock as it went into storage at a local ranch for safe keeping. Some 54 years later, in 2010, a restoration project started on the clock as it was set to be re installed in the local museum. The works were completed by local mechanists, although Smith of Derby did supply the pendulum. As part of the restoration, the clock was converted to a skeleton clock and has now become a main point of interest in the museum.

Saving Time_ The Restoration of Vernon’s Old Post Office Clock on Vimeo

Smith of Derby would like to thank David Skelhon for the production of the fantastic documentary on this clock and allowing Smith of Derby to use the content.

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