Training Week at Smith of Derby 2020

February 26, 2020 News

Every January a week is put aside for training at Smith of Derby and 2020 has been no different. Last month our clockmakers travelled to our Derby works from their various locations across the UK, to take part in a week of training.  The week started with the clockmakers arriving at our Alfreton Road works and unloading their vans so that equipment, such as harnesses and other safety apparatus, could be tested by external adjudicators.

At the start of the week all the Clockmakers were given a presentation from MD Bob Betts on what the week would entail and the importance of the exercises they would be receiving and new initiatives the company will be introducing.

The Clockmakers included a range of experience from apprentices to individuals who have been at the company for many years.  Split into four groups the Clockmakers would be given a variety of tasks and exercises to complete over the course of the week.  The teams started with safety critical checks, these included extinguisher checks and electrical equipment for PAT testing to ensure procedures are followed.

The next stage of the week was for the teams to have a product review/training with Quality and Training Manager Tony Charlesworth, who talked through the change in products and training in the new systems that Smith of Derby had introduced. The next stage was for each team to complete their IHASCO health and safety training with Ash Buckler Health & Safety Manager. This included, COSHH, Driver awareness, Electrical safety, Ladder safety, Manual handling, Health & Safety & Essentials, Hand/Arm Vibration awareness and Workshop Safety.

During the later stages of the week the focus moved to the training room.  The day started with the teams looking at our automatic winding systems, reviewing both installation methods and then learning more about the product in general. The group then reviewed pendulum regulators (PAR), a product which ensures consistent time accuracy for mechanical clocks.

The training continued for the clock makers working on the traditional clocks in both the training room and on a station that had been set up in the workshop.  This was to test the Clockmakers ability of the disassembling and re-assembling of the clock. The teams got the clocks back together and working again ‘in no time at all’!

The groups then reflected on the week and attention moved to the year ahead.  The vans were re-loaded and the team were heading to their various locations across the UK.  The week of training allowed the Clockmakers to refresh and further develop their traditional skills whilst learning and advancing their knowledge with the new products entering the market.


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