Training for all our clockmakers

February 28, 2018 Heritage, Public, Time, Traditional

Whether new to clockmaking or having years of experience, all our clockmakers have a wealth of knowledge. Our training programme is designed to share the strengths of each member of the team, which builds close working relationships as well as just learning about clocks.

Aaran is new to the world of clockmaking but it was no surprise that his engineering expertise enabled him to have one of our showpiece clock movements dismantled then up and running again in what seemed like no time at all, and he even found handling the delicate gold leaf a breeze. Meanwhile Steve and Gavin worked on putting our bell sound system out of tune then testing and resetting it. Keeping an eye on the time with synchronous dials and correctly set hands were Tom and Sam.

Our clockmakers are very much on their own when they are out on service and clock restoration jobs. Our show-me-how sessions, together with our keeping-in-touch comradeship, all helps in keeping our customers’ clocks ticking along nicely.

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