Smith of Derby, Rolls Royce & JCB on the #ICTP2017 Industry Tour

September 21, 2017 News, Public

We are thrilled to be hosting a visit from delegates attending the ICTP Conference in Cambridge this Friday, 22nd September. The industry tour is coming to our clock company after visiting Rolls-Royce Aerospace and JCB, and will include leading engineers, academics and other practitioners.

Industry Tour to Smith of Derby, Rolls Royce & JCB

#ICTP2017 Industry Tour to Smith of Derby, Rolls Royce & JCB, Friday 22nd September

ICTP, the ‘Olympic games of metal forming’ was founded in 1984 and is one of the biggest international events in forming technology. The 12th ICTP, the first to be held in the United Kingdom, builds on a long tradition of excellence from all over the world.

Bob Betts, our Managing Director said: “We’re delighted to be selected for the ICTP industry tour and we’re looking forward to sharing our engineering process, from concept design right through to assembly. We’ll be showcasing our traditional forming skills such as panel beating; original copper dials and their restoration as well as a hands-on gilding activity.”

Daniel Martin, Curator of Making at Derby Museums, will also be supporting our tour by adding broader Derby-related heritage.

Rolls-Royce visitors will have the opportunity to visit the technology exhibition to learn about the latest developments used in their jet engines worldwide, as well as the heritage centre which hosts an impressive collection of the engines manufactured throughout the history of Rolls-Royce.

Meanwhile, visitors to JCB will experience the manufacturing process behind the world-famous yellow diggers and excavators, from the delivery of sheet metal through to the final product.

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