Projecting Clock with Eagle Adornment

July 9, 2019 News

The Town of Prescot, Merseyside, has a new feature as part of its busy shopping district, a bespoke projecting clock. The clock, which was recently supplied and installed by Smith of Derby, features a distinctive gold bullion eagle and child to protect the clock from wildlife.

As part of the Town’s development, a clock was commissioned in the same location to where a previous projecting clock was located, on Eccleston Street in the Town centre.  The clock was designed to be of an art-deco style, similar to that of the original timepiece.

The origional clock and the newly installed clock in Prescot.

A prominent feature of the new clock is a gold bullion eagle and child. This was added to the design to protect the clock from other birds sitting on top of the case. The eagle and child was handmade from polycarbonate to ensure a high-quality finish to the specification determined by the client.

The clock case and bracket were fabricated from aluminium, with a powder coat finish, to ensure durability during those harsh winter months. The acrylic dials had Arabic numerals and minute track added using vinyl. Finally, a coat of arms was added to the bracket to offer a bespoke look to the clock and LED lighting to ensure the dials can be seen both day and night.

The bracket, eagle and coat of arms during fabrication.

Technical Sales Engineer James Armishaw, who lead this project, was delighted with the outcome. “This was a fantastic opportunity to restore public time within the local area. The clocks art-deco style lends back to the original design with the adorning eagle offering a bespoke finish”.

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