Kuala Belait Public Clock Tower

February 7, 2019 News

Having worked on all corners of the globe there are few countries which do not feature a Smith of Derby clock across the world. However, Brunei was one of those until recently. In late 2018 we were commissioned to supply four clocks for a prestigious public clock tower in the town of Kuala Belait, situated in the West of the South East Asian country.

The blue clock drums were fabricated in house using high grade aluminium and finished with marine grade paint to ensure a high-quality product was provided. The clock dials were made from opal acrylic based upon a clarendon design to give an eye catching but practical sight for those in attendance. Finally, LED lighting was fitted in the drum so the clocks could be seen day and night.

The hands are powered by a heavy-duty Smith of Derby movement and complemented with a system which ensure power back-up should it be lost locally and a cooling fan to ensure reliable performance in high temperatures. The clocks were then shipped to the port of Muara, before being installed by a skilled local team onto the tower.

Kuala Belait clock tower and the four dials in our Derby works.

Jim Foster, the project leader for Smith of Derby, said “it was a fantastic project to be working on and it is always exciting to work in a new country. The four dials were based on a simple design look wonderful and it’s great to see them installed.”

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