Historic Potts Clock

August 6, 2019 News

Sheffield United is a football club steeped in history. Their Bramall Lane stadium was home to Yorkshire County Cricket Club until 1893 and has hosted an Ashes test match along with being the home to Sheffield United. A William Potts of Leeds clock was a prominent feature of the cricket pavilion before being transferred to a new home on the facade of the football stadium when the alterations were made.

The clock is now situated at the entrance to the “Legends of the Lane” which is Sheffield United’s club museum. The 1.52m steel dial was supported by an early William Potts of Leeds synchronous electric movement, which had become faulty with the clock’s reliability becoming less consistent.

It was decided that the movement would be replaced by a Smith of Derby T100 synchronous movement and supported by an auto restart unit, ensuring that the clock hands automatically restart at the correct time following any power outages. Our team of clockmakers fitted the new equipment, ensuring that the clock is back keeping good time.

Left: New T100 clock movement. Right: Up close of the historic clock dial.

The clock is now back to full working order ahead of Sheffield United’s return to the Premier League!

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