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Team Complete Restoration Work on Mandeville Parish Church Clock in Jamaica

October 2023 – Mandeville Parish Church, Jamaica

Our Smith of Derby team have successfully completed the restoration of the clock and dial at Mandeville Parish Church in Jamaica.

Roydell Williams, Treasurer at Mandeville Parish Church, expressed his gratitude for the restoration work, saying,

“The clock is working perfectly. We wish to thank Smith of Derby for the excellent restoration work done on the clock and to you Martin, Julie, Johnny, Ben, Joe, and the rest of the technical team for the professional manner in which the project was handled.”

Detailed Restoration Process

Here below is an overview of the restoration process:

1. Installation of Dial, Dial-works, and Hands

The restoration process began with the careful fitting of the dial. The team had to trim down the ring to fit it into the aperture. The hands were then placed, ensuring smooth rotation. The dial ring was fixed into the brickwork with right-angle brackets and coach screws. We were concerned the dial would look too recessed from the ground, however, site were very happy with it and suggested it would prevent it being lost in the event of a hurricane- as has happened twice before in its history…

2. Installation of Clock and Hammer

We lifted the clock fully assembled back onto its frame. Using the original mounting holes we fixed it back down and Joe checked it over thoroughly.  As for the hammer, we had reposition it slightly to the left of the original due to deterioration of the wood it was fitted on. We then used weight line to attach the hammer to clock

Before Restoration

After Restoration

3. Installation of Autowind and PAR

Automatic winders were fitted below the clock on the original solid wood frame, and the Pendulum Arrest Regulator (PAR) was mounted to the right of the clock. The clock’s control box, set to Jamaican time, received power from solar panels via batteries on the ground floor of the tower.

The Autowind Units fitted beneath the Clock

4. Installation of Solar Panels

Solar panels were strategically installed on separate channel frames outside the tower’s door, providing sustainable power to the clock’s components. The charge controller and batteries were placed on the ground floor of the tower, showcasing a thoughtful approach to energy efficiency.

Martin Butchers, Sales and Complex Projects Manager at Smith of Derby, shared his thoughts on the project, saying,

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on this memorable project. We are so pleased that finally the clock and dial are back where they belong and will give so much pleasure to many.”

The careful and considered restoration effort by the team ensures the timepiece’s functionality for years to come, but also incorporates a sustainable solution to powering the clock’s mechanism.

Martin enjoying a beer with one of the Parish Church Team

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