Clock Tower Receives Comprehensive Restoration

December 14, 2023 Uncategorized

We were recently contacted by a client seeking assistance with the non-functional clock on their clock turret at the Clock House, Tamworth. Originally a stable block, the building has been transformed into a residential property owned by our client.

Following a thorough site inspection, our team identified issues with the clock movement, controller, and structural integrity of the tower, which exhibited signs of deterioration in certain areas.

Addressing the client’s desire for enhanced maintenance and longevity, we implemented a strategic solution. Our experts installed a new Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) turret, featuring LED lighting for two 3ft Skeleton dials adorned with Roman Numerals and Opal Acrylic Backing.

Collaborating with a skilled construction team, we successfully dismantled the old turret and fabricated an improved ridge box, creating an interface for the new cupola footprint.

Powering the 36″ hands on both dials are our reliable T100 motors, accompanied by a permanent inverter to ensure uninterrupted clock operation during power outages.

Our dedicated team, including Dean, Phil, and Spencer, meticulously restored the wind vane, with Ian contributing to the metalwork, handcrafting new cardinals for North, South, East, and West.

“The Clock House, Hints has to be one of the most memorable projects that I have been involved in to date. John and Anne (Customers) have been amazing from start to finish; from helping us with any photos we need, to organinsing the contractors who built the ridgebox.

Seeing the turret adorn the stable block makes me feel very proud about what the talented team here at Smith’s can accomplish for our valued customers. The turret compliments the building and is a focal point of the area both day and night.” – Jack Biggin, Project Lead

Designed with practical functionality in mind, rather than solely aesthetics, the original clock turret was deemed incongruent with the scale of the stable block. It was speculated that the turret might have been built taller than necessary to allow courtyard observers a clear view of the dial. The new turret harmoniously aligns with the building’s scale, enhancing overall aesthetics.

The delighted owner now enjoys a clock that is not only clear, bright, and easy to maintain but also features a fully functional wind vane, along with an hour strike – courtesy of our Bell Sound System. We take pride in the successful outcome of this project, ensuring the longevity and visual appeal of the Clock Turret.

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