Clock restoration for new offices in Colchester

July 16, 2018 Heritage, Public

Smith of Derby were delighted to be approached by Aquatronic Group Management Plc to restore their clock to its former glory, using as many of the original materials as possible. Following this the clock will sit proudly at their new offices in Colchester, Essex.

Once the clock came into our workshop our talented team of clockmakers at Smith of Derby set to work on stripping down the clocks rusty case and removing the clock movements. Following this the clock case was painted with various base layers and then a high quality black gloss finish. New synchronous movements have been added to make sure the clock continues to operate accurately. Finally the finishing touches were applied, LED lighting for evening illumination and new lexan glass sheets.

Restored office clock for AGM plc

After many hours of work on the clock, making sure all the original detail was in place and the clock was as close to an exact replica as possible, the project was completed and ready to be sent back to the site for installation.

For more information on how we can help you repair and restore your clock, please visit our restoration page or give us a call on 01332 345569.

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