Case Study: University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering

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GetImageClient: University of Leeds
Location: Leeds, UK
Size: 2.4m overall diameter
Materials: Aluminum and LED illumination
Date: 2017
Product code: 36381

We were commissioned to create a bespoke clock for the University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering as part of their renovation in 2017. Working with tones of white, brown and black, a design was developed that fitted seamlessly within the scheme. The raised illuminated ring markers on the clock responded to the main lighting which featured on the ceiling. This design device helps to bring coherence to the whole refurbished building.Photo 19-09-2017, 00 18 11
This 2.4 m diameter clock was created at our Derby workshop from high grade aluminium with LED lighting by our skilled fabricators. It is a low-maintenance feature that will keep accurate time for decades. Being the largest clock situated at the University of Leeds, it has also helped to create a landmark for students and staff.
Penelope Tiffney, Senior Interior Architectural Designer at the University of Leeds says, “We are happy with the customer care that we have received from ‘Smiths of Derby’ and they have been quick to respond to any queries that we have had along the design process and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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