Case Study: University of Derby Interior Clock

January 31, 2018 Creative, Public, Time, Uncategorized

Client: University of DerbyClock in the stairwell at Derby University
Location: Derby, UK
Size: 1.7m overall diameter

Students and lecturers at the University of Derby are welcomed by this modern clock design as they approach the internal stairwell of the Westwing building. This bespoke clock was part of a renovation that transformed a sports hall into lecture rooms and offices. It has introduced dynamism and character into what might have been a blank space.Clock in the stairwell at Derby University

Keeping to the colour scheme set by the interior designer, Paragon Interiors, this clock was created with laser-cut aluminium numerals and striking white and yellow hands. Presented on a black wall, this 1.7 diameter clock makes a strong statement. The aluminium numerals are bonded directly to the wall, reinforcing the impression that the entire wall is the setting for the clock dial.

The synchronous drive is situated within the wall cavity and is accurate to +/- 1 second per month.

This timepiece will be part of how students remember their studies in this place for many years to come.

Smith of Derby technical sales engineer says, “We enjoyed working closely with Paragon Interiors to create a clock that was simple in design yet has become a stand-out feature of the renovated building”.

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