Case Study: LSQ London

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Credit: Make Architects

Credit: Make Architects

Client: Make Architects
Location: 48 Leicester Square, London
Size: 4 x 1.6m overall diameter
Materials: Aluminium and glass
Date: 2016
Project code: 33105

In the heart of London, 48 Leicester Square is a familiar historic building.  In need of restoration but keeping the 1920’s characteristics, we were approached by Make Architects to supply and install a set of four 1.6m diameter illuminated clocks to crown each corner of the building.

The brief was to capture the appeal of today’s West End while preserving the elegance of the original stone façade. With this brief in mind, our highly skilled clockmakers designed, fabricated and installed the clocks with attention and care, ensuring that they followed the specifications accurately.

The timepieces can be seen at every angle from one of the world busiest squares below. It is therefore important that they provide an accurate time to passers by. As clocks to trust, each is fitted with a timekeeping unit interlinked to our dedicated control system with power failure backup. They are also programmed to alter the time at the summer and winter changeover.

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