Case Study: German Gymnasium

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Interior clock at the German Gymnasium Restaurant, London N1C 4TB

Interior clock at the German Gymnasium Restaurant, London N1C 4TB

Client: Conran & Partners
Location: London, UK
Size: 2m diameter
Date: 2015
Project code: 35095

We were commissioned to create a stunning feature clock at the German Gymnasium restaurant in King’s Cross, London, which opened in October 2015. The design is based upon the era of the mid-1800s: the

building was created in 1864 for the German Gymnastics Society and housed the first purpose-build gymnasium in England. It was picked by the National Olympian Association to host the indoor events of the first UK-hosted Olympic Games. The clock reflects the buildings heritage and beginnings, and that it is positioned adjacent to two great London railway stations.

Finished in graphite black and custom metallic gold, our expert design team and clockmakers created a clock that fits in perfectly with the heritage of the location. It is also a low-maintenance feature that will keep accurate time for decades.

“Smith of Derby were a pleasure to work with and created the tremendous bespoke timepiece that sits so proudly on the wall of German Gymnasium’s Grand Café. Spanning two metres, it is a real eye-catcher that not only serves visiting travellers waiting to catch a train from London’s Gateway to Europe, but is a unique reminder of the area’s industrial heritage”. Tina Nordern, Project Director, Conran & Partners

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