Case Study: Edinburgh Morningside Pillar Clock

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Edinburgh Morningside Pillar Clock

Edinburgh Morningside Pillar Clock

Client: Edinburgh City Council
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Materials: Restored using TBC
Size: 2 x 2ft 5 dials
Date: 2017
Project code: 33501

Originally built adjacent to Morningside train station, this historic clock is a much loved local landmark of the Edinburgh town of Morningside. Built by James Ritchie & Son, now one of our partners, we transported the clock to our Derby workshop to dismantle and restore the clock with care, piece by piece.

The dials, case and decorative surround were carefully removed by our highly skilled clockmakers, ensuring every piece was inspected and cleaned before being

Edinburgh Morningside Pillar Clock

Edinburgh Morningside Pillar Clock

restored.  Restored using only the highest quality materials, paints and sealants available, our experts believe that they have doubled the life of this clock. Taking only six weeks to refurbish, this clock was restored with care and attention at every stage with both internal and external parts in mind.

Once restored, our experts carefully transported and installed the Morningside Clock back in its original place. Overlooking the people of Morningside since the 19th Century, this clock is now built to last, allowing this clock to feature in the community for many generations to come.

Sales technician, Tony Charlesworth, says “One of the fundamental reasons for this clock having to be restored was the internal mild steel works. Although cared for, the clock had got to the stage where it needed major restoration. By using more modern materials we restored the clock to give it a longer lease of life”.

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