Bespoke Timepieces for Waldorf Astoria

January 30, 2020 News

Hilton Hotel group have recently launched a new Waldorf Astoria hotel in the financial district of Dubai. The exciting new development included three bespoke feature clocks designed, fabricated and Installed by Smith of Derby. The first of these clocks has been installed at the centre of Waldorf Astoria’s world-famous Peacock Alley. Whilst the other two identical clocks are located in the luxurious Meeting and Board rooms.

The iconic ornate Art Deco inspired clock has been situated at the centre of Peacock Alley, the Hotel’s elegant lounge. Peacock Alley was originally a space that connected both the Waldorf and the Astoria hotels together in New York City and now this part of the Hotel Chains heritage and culture is in Dubai.

Consisting of a teal square at its centre the dial matches the tones and aesthetic of the alley. The LED illuminated opal glass dial is adorned with 24 carat English gold plated chapters and hands complimenting the finish of the room and the entirety of the clock.

The casing consists of polished dark walnut, mixed with rich gold plated decorative bands, separated by satin black finish to contrast against the materials, tying in the art deco effect which continues throughout the clock with its defined angles and geometric shapes.

Featuring 6 engraved and gold plated abstract Peacock feathers on each side, the design of the casing links to the grandeur of this famous alley. The gold-plated pendulum hanging below the clock can be observed from a 360° perspective, through its light bronze coloured glass panelling with the addition that it doesn’t interrupt flow of the Hotels designed space.

The bespoke timepiece situated within the hotel foyer.

Waldorf Astoria commissioned two 1.5m clocks for their luxurious Board and Meeting rooms. These clocks are identical in design and are located on the face of two huge mirrors in the two rooms. The clocks controlled by our T200 movements were made using polished Mappa walnut Burr a distinctive wood style which adds to the aesthetic of the two rooms. 24 carat English Gold plated chapters and hands are used on the two dials, embellishing the wood finish and complimenting the space.




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