A New Chapter in Hotel Clocks

September 7, 2022 Uncategorized


The clock at the Waldorf Astoria Kuwait is a celebration of time-keeping and a new chapter in the history of hotel clocks.⁠

Situated in the lobby of the newly opened Waldorf Astoria Kuwait, which opened its doors two weeks ago on Wednesday August 24, the clock features a sphere made from eight pieces of compound curved glass panels and brush polished stainless steel parts with a gold PVD finish.⁠

Drawing on the conceptual design initiated by LW Design our Smith of Derby design team worked closely with LW to refine the design and create an iconic time-piece in a contemporary style, which reflects the traditional Waldorf clock.⁠

Inside the eight piece sphere is a static orrery that represents the solar system’s planetary orbits around the sun. The planets are made from bohemian crystal glass design and made by glass specialist @preciosalighting in the Czech Republic. ⁠

Below the sphere is a 2 dialled gold-plated mechanical clock, set in a glass display case, and featuring a Mother of Pearl inset chapter ring.⁠

Just like the clock in the first Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, standing in the centre of the impressive lobby, the clock serves a focal point; a meeting place for hotel guests and visitors alike.⁠














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