A Loss for the Turret Clock-Making World

July 13, 2023 Uncategorized

The clock world has, this week, lost an expert in the field of horology, Chris McKay.

A fountain of knowledge when it came to turret-clocks, Chris authored a number of books on the subject, including ‘The Turret Clock Keeper’s Handbook’, ‘Big Ben: The Great Clock and Bells at the Palace of Westminster’ and ‘Longitude’s Legacy: James Harrison of Hull 1792-1875’.⁠

He served on a number of advisory committees, and was kind enough over the last few years to share his expertise with members of our team and offer tuition to our clockmaker apprentices. As part of this, he oversaw the restoration of the James Harrison of Hull Clock by our apprentices, which is now on display at Derby’s Museum of Making.⁠

Chris will be hugely missed by his family, friends and the clock-making world. We are thankful to have known him as someone who was passionate about time-pieces and had a desire to share his knowledge with future generations.

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