Apprentice Training Continues

March 8, 2023 Personnel

“If you’ve got a problem with a clock one of the best things you can do is take a moment to sit and listen to it, to pay attention and listen closely to its tick. This way you can tell if it is out of beat.”

– This Paul tells our Apprentice Clockmakers over coffee.⁠

Paul Kilburn came up from Dorset, and the region of clocks he looks after in the South, last week to offer hands on tuition and impart his knowledge to our team of apprentices. Drawing on his extensive experience, Paul has been guiding them through the various processes involved in repairing the Potts of Leeds Flat Bed that has come in for restoration.⁠

Paul has been taking the apprentices through detailed horological terminology, explaining the nuances between different escapements: Gravity, Deadbeat Escapement, Recoil and Pin-Wheel.⁠

The team have spent time looking at how to clean and polish Pivots and Bushes, and have dismantled and rebuilt the tower clock (pictured), rebuilding the Strike side correctly. In addition to this⁠ Paul has overseen them as they undertook restoration work on a 1682 Bartholomew Cage Clock from Sherborne in Dorset, and also a 1877 Regulator and Display Clock.⁠


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