Dial Restoration, St Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire

The clock was originally manufactured by J B Joyce & Co of Whitchurch, which has been part of the Smith of Derby Group since 1965, and consists of a mechanical movement driving the dials. The clocks strike every hour.

Smith of Derby has been maintaining the clock annually for over 50 years and was contacted by staff at the 12th Century Cathedral in 2012 after a regular inspection showed that part of one of the dial centres had come away.

The full dial restoration involved blasting the dials to remove the old rust, applying a zinga primer undercoat and finishing them in their original blue colour gloss. The numerals, minute marks and hands were then re-gilded using 23 ½ carat double thickness gold leaf.

The three, 2.3m (90”) diameter dials were then refitted in September and all the work has now been completed.

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