St Mary’s Lanark – Bell chiming system

Father Joseph Brannigan from St Mary’s, Lanark said…”St Mary’s Church is a fine neo Gothic Church with a bell tower and single bell.  Prior to our renovations in time for our 100th birthday, the bell had, for many years, been operated by a ‘Heath-Robinson’ type contraption, but was no longer working at all. We were faced with a choice – a replacement electric controller for our existing bell, or a new electronic digital system?  We decided to go for the double, and had them fitted by Smith of Derby.What at first might have seemed an extravagance is now appreciated by all in our community. We are now the ‘talk of the town’. The Westminster chimes of the electronic bell system combine with our traditional bell to count out the hours of the day. And special events are marked with peels of bells to suit the occasion. A wonderful system! Many thanks to Smith of Derby.”

Contact:  or tel 01332 345569.

Perfect for civil wedding venues.
A variety of wedding peals can be programmed into the system.
Superb sound quality and range.
Quickly installed by our engineers and easy to operate
A significant further income opportunity for you.
Easy payment options available.
Smith of Derby – church bell specialists for over 150 years

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