Hourglass Clock, Burghley House

This cryptic outdoor timepiece alludes to the seafaring story of the Burghley family, in whose gardens the timepiece is located.

The hourglass sculpture bears 12 icons which correspond with each passing hour. The 12 icons correlate with specific stories relating to members of the Burghley family including Lord Burghley, English statesman and friend to Queen Eliabeth I for most of her reign.

Only on the hour is the full icon revealed, as it waxes and wanes in between times. The legend on the side displays each icon in the order of the hours to which they refer.  The passing hour is also conveyed through the rotating hourglass, the pouring sand and curious movement becoming at once engaging, delightful and distracting… a puzzle in time.

Timed hourglass, 180° rotation
Hour icons visible through magnifying glass
Copper case cladding with natural verdigris finish
Stainless steel mechanism
Precision movement
Accuracy greater than 1/100th sec, with power failure back-up
Waterproof and season protected for exterior use

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    creative, Park & Garden clocks, Finials and Windvanes
  • Client
    Burghley House
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  • Designer
    Smith of Derby

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