University of Derby Fly Back Clock

Design inspiration for this clock came from a school competition which was set to get pupils thinking in a creative way about time telling. The outcome of these ideas became a semi-circular clock with a single indicator, describing a 180 degree arc over 12 hours.

The dial is formed of a 4.2m segmented arc, describing 180 degrees. The 0 position at the base is the starting point for the single time indicator hand, which sweeps clockwise to 12 between midnight and mid-day, then returns, or “flies back” to restart. Dial segments are individual light boxes formed of aluminium with opal acrylic covers with LED internal illumination.

The hand is similarly illuminated. A clock with just half a dial presents a greater mechanical challenge than a conventional two-handed type. The hidden parts inside the mechanism therefore allude to the learning and research which takes place in the same building – not visible on the outside but evident in the contribution it makes to the world at large.


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