University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The DNA clock at the Damman University in Saudi Arabia takes its inspiration from the fact that every DNA is unique and this incredible design has its own very distinctive identity. At 11.4 metres high it has a DNA like appearance that delivers time with incredible accuracy and, for many, will be viewed as a work of art.

The design is inspired by the cell structure of DNA molecules and the clock is installed in the atrium of the University telling the story of time in its scientific location. The glass beads on the horizontal bands light up as each hour is passed. As the top band lights, midday or midnight is signified.  The spiral timepiece rotates at one full revolution per hour.

The glass beads on the 12 horizontal bands light up as each hour is passed
The DNA clock makes one full rotation every hour
LED internally lit glass beads
Concealed lighting within the base
Individual turning mechanisms for central and subsidiary stems
Precision movement
Accuracy greater than 1/100th second, with power failure backup

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  • Client
    Dammam University
  • Country
    Saudi Arabia
  • Dimensions
    11.4 high, 9.3 diameter

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