Majlis, Oman

The Parliament building of the Sultanate of Oman, also known as Majlis Oman, has become the iconic landmark of Muscat, its capital city.

Completed at the beginning of 2013, the 101,000 square metre development includes new buildings for the upper and lower houses of Parliament, a VIP area, an information centre and a library.

The most prominent external feature is the central 64m tower with four 5.6m square illuminated clock dials.

The dial design respects the architectural style of the building. The decorative illuminated surrounds are designed to act as part of the dial structure, thus achieving an elegant aesthetic whilst delivering the required strength. With the majestic backdrop of sky and mountains the clock tower proclaims the authority of this seat of government.

  • Categories:
  • Client
    Royal Court Affairs
  • Location
    Al Bustan, Oman
  • Size
    5.6m square
  • Materials
    Aluminum, acrylic, 231⁄2 carat gold leaf, fluorescent illumination
  • Date
  • Ref

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