Kings Cross Platform 8 Traditional Clock

Known fondly as the Harry Potter clock by fans who visit Kings Cross Station. Restored in 2012, it was originally two separate dials, separated by steel rods and located astride a footbridge.

As if taking its cue from a Harry Potter story, the footbridge and the clock disappeared. In reality our team worked overnight to remove the clock then transport it to our Derby workshop.

We then worked our own magic, designing and building a new cantilevered support bracket, mirroring the style of another in the station.

Meanwhile the dials and case were skilfully restored and equipped with synchronous movements and backup unit wizardry to ensure year-round reliability. Then, unseen by anyone but our installation team, the clock reappeared one night in its new location.

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  • Client
    Network Rail
  • Location
    Kings Cross Station, London
  • Size
    2m diameter
  • Materials
    Gold leaf, acrylic paint, brass, LED illumination
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