Inclined Clock, Time Square

This inclined clock is a centrepiece set at a busy road junction, bordering the Sheik’s Palace at Al-Ain, UAE.  Times past are evoked with the design, based on the Astrolabe concept, a technology whose birthplace was the Middle East many centuries ago.

At 13 metres in diameter and predominately made of stainless steel, this clock is monumental. It is set at an angle of 28 degrees from the ground, making it the largest inclined clock in the world.

Golden hands project a line of red laser beams onto the hour marks. Fibre optics within the midnight blue dial circle give the appearance of twinkling stars in the night sky. Timekeeping accuracy is maintained by using Global Positioning Satellite signals.

The world’s largest inclined clock
Angled 28 degrees from level ground
Golden hands project red laser beams onto the hour marks
A sophisticated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system enables the client to monitor the clock functions from their headquarters
Predominantly made of Stainless Steel

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    Al Ain
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  • Designer
    Scott Wilson Fitzpatrick

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