Harmony Clock Tower, Guanzhou

This unique, commissioned, traditionally weight-driven tower clock boasts the world’s largest ever dials and is situated within the Harmony Clock Tower in city of Ganzhou, South East China.  Smith of Derby attained a Guinness World Record for this tower clock for the ‘largest pendulum regulated clock in the world’.  The enormous tower clock features 12.8 metre diameter dials on each of its four faces which are driven by a Whitehurst mechanical clock movement. An innovative third hand on the clock face charts the Chinese lunar chapters.

The project combines traditional weight driven mechanics and the latest world-class technology, utilising the most energy efficient long lasting materials available today, such as stainless steel faces, carbon fibre hands and toughened steel gears. The clock is automatically wound, with a bell striking hourly and to mark sunrise. Visitors can also inspect the clock movement within the clock tower, which is made from hardened steel with bronze finishing and brass and gold-plated components.

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