EcoTime has been designed for developing and existing countries with poor or limited power supplies. This green solution harnesses the power of the sun and/or wind which in turn builds power to an energy source to power the clock, illuminate the dial lighting and even power a bell sound system.

“The Beacon” tower clock concept is an example of what can be achieved by working in partnership with our team of designers. The stand-alone tower is totally powered by the sun, using the integrated solar panels. Wind powered features are also available as part of the Smith of Derby EcoTime range.

EcoTime at Baghdad University

A recent installation of an EcoTime clock in Baghdad, Iraq is the world’s first, large scale solar powered tower clock; a 40m high tower clock with 4 x 3.5m diameter dials. It stands as an iconic feature on a newly redeveloped University near Baghdad. The clock was designed in modular format for low-skill assembly, installation and easy maintenance.

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    World’s first, large scale solar powered clock.

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