Eastgate Chester Clock

The original clock mechanism was manufactured and installed by JB Joyce in 1899. We’re proud to service, restore and maintain time on this prominent landmark in the city of Chester.

Installed in 1899, the Eastgate Clock is positioned on the bridge over Eastgate Street in the city of Chester, the original entrance to the Roman fortress of Deva Victrix. The whole structure of the public clock and gateway, as one, is classified as a Grade I listed building and the tower clock is believed to be the second most photographed clock in England to “Big Ben”, officially known as Elizabeth Tower, at the Palace of Westminster in London.

Proposed as a commemoration for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (1897), JB Joyce & Company was commissioned to manufacture and install the clock mechanism, with the clock design by Chester Architect John Douglas. The clock officially began ticking on the 24th of May, 1899. Today, JB Joyce forms part of Smith of Derby group and we’re proud to service and maintain time on this magnificent clock tower.

The clock tower has four, 4ft 6 inch dials that were originally gas lit, but are now powered by electricity with battery back-up and a computer chip which keeps the clock to precise time. The clock has a flatbed frame, a pinwheel escapement (48 pins), and was originally designed with an additional wheel in the train to shorten the weight drop.

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    Timepiece with additional wheel to shorten the weight drop

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