Time for Valentines

February 14, 2019 News

Valentines day, a day for celebrating love and spending the day with your loved one. Many people choose to take their partner to a favourite restaurant of theirs to make them feel extra special. But those who are out this evening, eating and drinking their favourite cuisine, are unlikely to realise just how close they are to a Smith of Derby timepiece.

Over the years we have installed many timepieces in bars and restaurants across the globe. One of our most recent was at the German Gymnasium in central London, a restaurant which specialises in Mittel-European food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A prominent feature of the high-end, Kings Cross, restaurant is the clock. Installed in 2015, the 2m dial is a made from high-grade aluminium with a suitable design to be in keeping with the interior scheme. Be sure to look out for this if you’re dining there tonight!

On the left the clock at the German Gymnasium, Lond. On the right at Bills restaurant, Horhsham.

Those spending their valentine’s day in Sussex could also be dining below another of our clocks at Bills restaurant in Horsham. This clock, on the exterior of the building, was originally installed in 1888 by Bailey Salford but is now maintained by Smith of Derby. We also converted the mechanical flatbed clock w to autowind in 2018 to ensure it would be running for many years to come.

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