Stunning Herefordshire bull weathervane restored along with the clock and turret it stands on

February 13, 2015 News, Public

BullWeathervane1As stories about weathervanes go, it is considerably more bull than cock. This stunning Herefordshire bull weathervane has been lovingly restored by expert clockmakers at Smith of Derby, who also replaced the clock and turret on which this magnificent beast sits.

Sitting in stunning private gardens, the clock system was manufactured by Smith of Derby 30 years ago and we have been proud to service it ever since.

We were called in 12 months ago when the turret was letting in water.

We installed a replica clock system, also replacing the old electronic bell sound system with a new traditional real bell, hammer and a controller to allow it to be silenced at night. The original wooden turret was replicated using low maintenance glass-reinforced plastic.

Pride of place on the vane is the bull, which we restored and re-gilded in gold leaf, and which will stand proudly on the turret for years to come.

For more information on this project, feel free to contact us.

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