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June 15, 2020 News

During these difficult times our team have been working hard to continue to operate within the Government restrictions. Whilst visiting sites may not be possible, we are still focused on providing a premium service to our customers and public time across the UK. We have developed a guide to restarting your mechanical clock, to offer the best support possible to our customers.

Over the last few months many mechanical clocks in our communities have stopped due to restrictions preventing regular clock windings and the BST time change taking place.  As we look forward to a time when our communities return to the new normal, a working public clock will be an important sign of wellbeing to everyone. Whilst our team will be fully focused on reinstating public time within your community, you may wish to try and complete this task yourself.

Re-starting a clock may be daunting to some clock custodians, and even the environment may be dangerous. With this in mind, and to help you, we have created this short guide on ‘re-starting a mechanical clock’. It also includes contact details if you need further help and advice.

Please feel free to share this with others in your community, or diocese, we look forward to working with you very soon and ensuring that public time is restored across the UK once again.

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