St Peters Church, Titchfield

April 30, 2019 News

The historic village of Titchfield, Hampshire, is the home of St Peters Church. The clock at the church was originally installed by J W Benson in 1887 but has been cared for by Smith of Derby for a number of years. As part of our work we recently installed a new autowind system and pendulum regulator to ensure time keeps ticking for many years to come.

The picturesque village in Southern Hampshire dates-back to the 6th century and is famous for its Abbey which has strong associations with Shakespeare. Along with the Abbey is St Peters Church, situated in the heart of the village.  The Church dates-back to 680, making it one of the oldest Churches still used in England.

The Church originally had automatic winding fitted over 20 years ago, however wished to have the equipment upgraded recently. As part of this project a pendulum regulator was also fitted to ensure accurate timekeeping for the clock and those using it when passing by.

The clock at Titchfield Church in Hampshire.

Whilst installing the autowind and pendulum regulator, the clock was stripped and cleaned to ensure that it runs smoothly for many years to follow.

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