Smith of Derby Celebrates Founder’s 200th Birthday

December 19, 2013 Heritage, News

It has become a name which in the world of clockmaking is synonymous with quality and heritage, and on Thursday 19th December 2013 Smith of Derby celebrated the birthday of the man who began the dynasty 200 years ago.

John Smith I was born on 21st December 1813, and aged around 27 left his employer, the clockmakers Whitehurst of Derby, to set up on his own in Nun’s Street, Derby.

131219SmithOfDerbyDSC8824previsualHe gave rise to a company which, through five generations, has flourished to become a successful global business. Still family owned, it has produced some of the world’s most iconic timepieces and maintains 4,500 existing installations across the globe.

Today, members of the Smith of Derby family gathered alongside staff at the current Smith of Derby site in Alfreton Road, to celebrate John Smith I’s birthday. Joe Smith, Director, said:

It is John Smith’s qualities as a man that allowed his business to take off and ultimately become predominant in the market.

We are applying the same qualities today to excel in maintaining and restoring historic public clocks, and designing, making and installing new ones around the world.

All this is going on within a mile of John Smith’s I’s original works.

Bob Betts, Smith of Derby Managing Director, said:

The qualities and values that John 1st instigated remain in place today. These qualities have enabled the company to flourish while keeping our customers and staff at the heart of our business.


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