National Apprenticeship Week 2022- Opportunity

February 10, 2022 Uncategorized

The opportunities at Smith of Derby span many disciplines, including clockmaking, technical sales, planning and fabrication, to mention just a few. One of our technical sales engineers, Jack Biggin, started as a clockmaking apprentice.

Jack says, “I started my Smith of Derby journey in May of 2019, having left school I had tried various jobs but never found my niche. Talking to my grandfather he suggested I found a job that could lead to a long term career.”  Jack went on to say, “I used the National Apprenticeship website and local training provider Learning Unlimited to help me in my quest”.

Following a series of interviews and an experience day with the company, Jack was offered the opportunity of Apprentice Clockmaker with Smith of Derby.  The apprenticeship balances college tuition, workshop, office and on-site experience with our team of clockmakers, engineers and office personnel.

Jack goes on to say. “My family and I are astonished at how I have developed as a person over the last few years. I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities, I have seen places I could only of dreamed of seeing and gained skills that will benefit me through life.”

Jack finishes by saying, “I would never have had these opportunities without an apprenticeship, I will never look back.”

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? It’s time to get in touch.  Email jane.betts@smithofderby or telephone 07800 689410 for an informal conversation.

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