Local clock repair at St Georges Church, Ticknall

October 25, 2018 Church, Heritage, News, Public

We are very proud of the work we undertake and working with local Derbyshire communities will always be special to us because of our history within the local area. These works at Ticknall Village Church were no different, with the church located just 14 miles from our Alfreton Road premises in Derby.

Our works at the Church started by removing the original Whitehurst clock and bringing it back to our local Derby workshop for repair. The clock repairs included fitting a new count wheel and pins to the clock which will ensure chiming accuracy on the hour. Along with this, the clock was stripped down and thoroughly cleaned. 

The clock on test for automatic winding and our Clockmaker Jonathan Lee working on the clock.

Smith of Derby clockmakers placed the Church clock on test in our traditional workshop and converted it to automatic winding and pendulum regulation, before re-installing it back in the local Church by our clockmakers.

We know that all clocks will vary somewhat in timekeeping accuracy, due to temperature and climate variations and, if left unchecked, timekeeping errors will accumulate over weeks and months meaning your clock will show the wrong time.

Our automatic winding and pendulum regulator system provides automated time adjustment for weight driven tower and church clocks and eliminates the need for regular manual adjustment. It has been designed to pick up time errors of a few seconds per hour and correct it on the hour.

This is a project we are extremely proud to have been a part of and our team look forward to working with communities both in Derbyshire and across the UK on projects like this in the near future.

For more information on our timekeeping systems please visit Restoration on our website.


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