Julie Celebrates 20 Years

August 24, 2022 Uncategorized

Our Head of Planning, Julie Breward, this year celebrates 20 years at the company.  Few have a better understanding of the breadth of the work we do around the UK each year and the organisation required to plan several thousand clock visits a year!.

For Julie, no two days are the same, since no two clock visits are. Coordinating the rest of the team, her understanding of the intricacies of planning site visits is second-to-none. ⁠

Julie knows the strengths of each clockmaker, their experience-level, capabilities and regional locations. She also understands which clocks are more complicated to service than others and are therefore likely to demand more attention and time.⁠

From knowing the waiting times for different ferry companies, to logging the right vans for possible use through the Dartford Tunnel, and speaking with the operators of Brownsea Island, for instance, to arrange the private foot ferry, Julie’s knowledge of the nuances of travel within the UK helps our clockmakers on a weekly basis.⁠

Not only are our planning department in day-to-day contact with our entire clockmaking team, but they are the public point of contact for the company; maintaining relationships with those we do business with, ensuring they receive the service they require and that when unforeseen difficulties do arise, these can be addressed quickly and effectively.⁠

If you would like to join the Smith of Derby team and build a passion for time like Julie, do contact us on 07800 689410

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