International Youth Day

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International Youth Day is held each year on the 12th of August and is an initiative that celebrates the qualities of young people and recognises the challenges that today’s youth can face. International Youth Day began in 2000 and was organised by the United Nations to celebrate the contribution that young people make in education, employment, conflict resolution and social justice to name a few.

This year, to celebrate International Youth Day 2021, at Smith of Derby we are recognising the importance and contribution from our young team members and apprentices.

Maintaining our traditional skills and handing on knowledge through generations of our business, protecting traditional clockmaking and manufacturing techniques, is critical. Our award-winning apprenticeship scheme is well known and proven now over many years.

With continuous practical and theoretical teaching, working alongside highly experienced clockmakers and an integrated day-release formal training program, our apprentices are guaranteed to explore and engage in the unique skills and techniques they will require when qualified. 

The skills learnt are specific to Smith of Derby clockmaking. This foundation of knowledge coupled with real experience at work, is vital and promotes the precision and efficiency that are at the core of our passion for ‘time’.

Our training is rigorous, highly detailed and spans all aspects of our company. The company operates a world unique traditional turret clock training facility based in Derby. Our apprentices experience all functions of the business, from engineering and sales to business administration and tower clock movement conservation, restoration and maintenance work.

This ensures that all members of our team have a detailed perspective on the workings of the whole company. It ensures that when qualified, everyone can be suited to a role that is most beneficial to their personal and professional skillset. As a company we find that this is beneficial as apprentices will learn transferable skills, that can be used to work closely with any member of team Smith of Derby. The company can flex to meet market demands. We secure our future in this way and we offer incredible and unparalleled job and career satisfaction. 

Two of our recent apprentices, Brandon and Ryan, are already familiar with the company as their fathers, Paul and Tony, have worked for the company for over 50 years combined.

Apprentice Ryan Davies commented; “working at Smith of Derby is exciting, it’s a job that will never get boring and no two days are ever the same. Every clock brings its own challenges. I also enjoy working with so many different people, understanding their valuable experience, and learning with them along the way.”

Brandon commented; “it is exciting following in my fathers’ footsteps. As a young boy, I would visit the factory and be fascinated. Since joining Smith of Derby that fascination has continued, and each day enables me to learn more”.

As society changes, it is important that Smith of Derby can evolve with it. Continuously employing young team members, allows the company to understand the importance of new trends, techniques, and technologies. Subsequently, new processes can be implemented into the current traditional workplace. This gives the company chance to adapt to a more efficient approach to working. Continuous growth and development inspires us and gives our team a new perspective to each working day.

Employing new, younger team members also stimulates our existing team. Our team love to teach, and through coaching and encouragement, we pass on these time-honed skills to the next generation. You cannot teach passion, but we select our apprentices carefully, looking for the people who are passionate about something in their life already. We offer them a new and exciting channel for this passion and this leads to a highly motivated, hardworking and enjoyable environment.

We fully support the International Youth Day and recognise the importance of our young team members. They represent a critical part of today’s team and they are our future. The company has been in continuous family ownership and operation for the past 165 years. To secure the next 165 years we will continue to strive for improvement and are passionate about upskilling our team and moving forward at pace. Young people are welcome at Smith of Derby. They are the worlds’ future and they are our future.

Good luck to the International Youth Day 2021.

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