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BBC East Midlands Today reports on the Global Export Market

April 17, 2012 Creative, News

Smith of Derby looks to China

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Maxwell’s book marks time at city’s famous clock company

April 11, 2012 News, Time

‘The Smiths of Derby – A Journey Through Time’

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Historic Pierhead Clock back in Cardiff

November 22, 2011 News, Public

restored by Smith of Derby

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Swiss Glockenspiel returns

November 21, 2011 News, Public

to Leicester Square, one of London’s best loved landmarks.

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From the world’s largest to the smallest…..

November 8, 2011 News

The British clockmaking company behind the world’s largest mechanical clock has now created the smallest, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the UAE.

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Smith of Derby on Channel 4 News

November 3, 2011 News, Public

Bob’s message was that Smith of Derby “ahead of plan”

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Royal Wedding Celebration Clock

March 9, 2011 News

Whitehurst Collaboration continues – Royal Wedding Celebration Clock

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A world without time

September 29, 2010 News, Time

Imagine a world without time. We are lost without it. Understanding ‘time’ enabled places to work, people to communicate and trade to develop. It continues to this day. Time is fundamental to everything we do and see around us, every single moment of our lives. Time has been ‘lost’ in poor planning and architecture, but enlightened architects and planners are now integrating ‘time’ in the early stages of town and city planning. This is what we call ‘time and place’. The establishment of positive spaces where people can interact in their daily lives and a true sense of identity and…

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DNA Clock

July 29, 2010 Creative, News

Smith of Derby rose to the challenge set by the King Faisal University of Saudi Arabia by creating a DNA clock for the central atrium at its new medical research facility.

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New clock at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

July 12, 2010 News, Public

A new Smith of Derby clock is about to be installed at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

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