Case Study: Beckfoot & Hazelbeck School

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Bingley - Beckfoot and Hazelbeck School

Bingley – Beckfoot and Hazelbeck School

Client: Beckfoot & Hazelbeck School
Location: Bingley, UK
Size: 3.9m overall diameter
Materials: Aluminium
Date: 2010
Project code: 31140

This 3.9m clock gives an identity to Beckfoot and Hazelbeck school’s new building. An initial sketch was sent to the design team at Smith of Derby from the architects working on the project. We integrated their ideas into a detailed design and drew on our experience of similar jobs to produce a striking yet affordable solution.

Keeping in mind the contemporary design, this clock was created from anodized aluminium and features 12 digits finished in black. Every quarter digit is positioned slightly further out compared to the rest of the digits: a subtle touch informed by our experience of working with designs that need to be seen from a distance. Each digit is individually fixed to the green facade, giving the impression that the entire wall is part of the clock.

The school’s new clock will continue to welcome students for many decades to come. Smith of Derby Technical Sales Engineer, Peter Sully, says, “Commissioned in 2010, this clock shows no signs of stopping. We have not had to complete any maintenance work on this timepiece since it was installed, showing the robustness of our clocks and the quality services that we provide.”

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