BHI Turret Clock Forum

September 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Last week was the annual staging of the BHI Turret Clock Forum at Upton Hall, Newark. Martin Butchers and Tom Ratcliffe attended on behalf of Smith of Derby to discuss all things turret clocks! The pair listened to various speakers including BHI chairman Derek Frampton along with turret clock specialists Andy Burdon and Chris McKay, who is also a familiar face at our Smith of Derby works developing our clockmaker apprentices to become the best they can possibly be.

This year’s forum was focused on conservation, something which is vitally important in the turret clock sector. Restoration projects must balance the past and present to respect the history of the project, as well as being both functional and aesthetically pleasing in the modern world.  

Sales engineer Martin Butchers who attended the event said that this was an “excellent opportunity to be part of a clockmakers forum, meeting with and listening to many like-minded people to discuss conservation within the industry.” Martin followed on to say that this was a “vital experience for apprentice clockmaker Tom Ratcliffe to learn the value and principles of conservation along with the opportunity to meet with other fine engineers.”

Smith of Derby would like to thank the BHI for inviting us to attend this event and look forward to attending future events in the near future. 

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