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August 8, 2017 Heritage, News, Uncategorized
Archive Documents

Archive Documents

Clock manufacture and installation is no new thing and our large historic database at Smith of Derby would certainly testify to this. With an extensive back catalogue of clocks, manufactured and maintained across many decades, we have been keen to ensure our database is kept up to date and that no clock is left un-oiled for too long!

Nicholas Smith, our Archivist and past Chairman, has been working hard to make contact with those who are aware of clocks and timepieces in their community and who might have historical information to share on these important public pieces. Since the first letters of enquiry went out we have been pleasantly surprised by the response we have received and are very thankful to those who have got in contact. With a vast array of clocks in existence across the country, it is our hope that all of them receive the care they deserve and that no clock remain idle for long.

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